Sleep Apnea CPAP Machine With Nasal Mask Respirator

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Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to your health and your performance at everything. But what if a good night’s sleep is impossible due to sleep apnea and other breathing issues?

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Make sleep apnea a thing of the past with the Sleep Apnea CPAP Machine with Nasal Mask Respirator and start getting a good night’s sleep again! This small and portable CPAP Machine will let you reclaim the night. The nasal mask respirator is less invasive and cumbersome than the competition, and with a clear and easy to read display, adjusting the pressure is simple. Use our connected app to also monitor the CPAP machine and see your body’s positive response to getting a proper sleep once again.

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Simple & Easy To Fill Humidifier: The humidifier component is small and easy to fill. No more worrying about spilling water on your fancy new CPAP machine.

Small & Compact: Unlike other CPAP machines, ours uses the latest smart chips and sensors to make for a small and compact design. You’ll be able to have your CPAP machine on your bedside table, rather than on the floor.

Light On Power & Noise: Your partner won’t have to worry about loud noises during the night as our CPAP machine is super quiet, coming in at only 28db. It’s power efficient also and the power pack easily connects to any power board or nearby wall socket.

Smart Technology: Lots of fast sensing feedback on your airflow patterns are monitored and processed by the machine to constantly adjust internal algorithms so the CPAP machine ensures you stay asleep all night.

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Benefits Of The Sleep Apnea CPAP Machine With Nasal Mask Respirator:

Better Longer Lasting Sleep: This sleep apnea machine is designed to keep you asleep the whole night. No more waking up in the middle of the night.

Monitor Sleep History: The connected app lets you look back on your sleep history so you are able to notice patterns of your sleep, both good and bad. Data is cloud stored also.

Travel Friendly: Unlike other larger and more cumbersome CPAP machines, ours is easy to take with you on times away from home. Small and compact, it won’t add significantly to your carrying weight for travel.

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  • 2.4in Color Screen
  • 3-Button Control Panel
  • 18-Language Options
  • Noise Level: 28db
  • Humidifier Area: >50 cm2
  • Battery: DC Powerpack
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