Ergonomic Soft Footrest Pillow

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Kick back and relax while at the office or at home with this Ergonomic Soft Footrest Pillow.

Outdoor Footrest

Did you know that dangling feet, poor feet posture, or having feet that stay still for hours on end as you work can all cause undue blood to pool in your lower limbs? This can cause increased stress and strain on local leg and feet muscles, ligaments, and tendons, all of which can result in pain as nearby nerves are compressed. Unnecessary pressure will even eventually migrate to the back that can cause debilitating back pain.

Camping Chair With Footrest

An Ergonomic Footrest can help prevent these issues by providing comfortable support for your feet and legs. The Ergonomic Soft Footrest Pillow can also be used in a variety of places like the office, the home, the car, and more to help you relax and be comfortable. With a breathable mesh fabric and elastic design, you’ll get long lasting cushioned support for your feet and legs.

Office Chair With Footrest


High Quality Foam Material: The Ergonomic Soft Footrest Pillow is made with a high quality memory foam sponge mesh material that doesn’t deform with use and provides long lasting comfort and support to your feet and legs.

Side Carrying Handle: An included side carrying handle allows the Ergonomic Soft Footrest Pillow to be portable and easy to carry around. Take the footrest pillow with you on the go wherever you need it!

Machine Washable: With a removable zipper cover you can easily remove the outer mesh material for easy washing. Footrest pillow can be cleaned in any standard washing machine.

Do Footrests Help With Circulation


Suitable Everywhere, Everytime: Whether you’re working at the office or relaxing at home you can take the Ergonomic Soft Footrest Pillow with you anywhere thanks to its portable design.

Comfortable Foot Support: Durable memory foam fabric provides excellent foot support to help improve circulation, reduce foot fatigue/pain, and alleviate certain foot pain problems caused from plantar fasciitis, sciatica, and other leg/hip pain.

Multi-Functional: Use the soft Ergonomic Footrest Pillow to kick your feet up, or turn it over for a flat surface to place your feet on. You can also place the pillow under your legs or behind your back for more support.

Do You Need A Footrest On A High Chair


  • Material: Sponge + Mesh 
  • Color: Black
  • Size (LxWxH): 40x20x10cm/15.75x7.87x3.94in
What Is Footrest

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
B. Booth

Now that I'm working from home, I've been steadily trying to upgrade my home desk space to something I can stand for 8+ hours at a time. I have a footrest at work, and that clunky plastic thing is fine for the office where I'm a) wearing shoes and b) don't have storage shelves underneath the desk. At home, my desk has a credenza behind it and I've been propping my bare feet on one of the shelves - too tall for much comfort - so I bought this. It's soft (yay for my bare feet!) but not so soft that it doesn't offer comfort. Resting the full weight of my size 10 feet on it doesn't push it down much at all, and I am not a delicate flower. It's wide enough that my feet are supported all the way from the ball of the foot to the start of my heel, and the cover doesn't feel too warm (in Southern California, we don't need any help warming up!) so my feet don't get sweaty. Bonus, it's light and portable so I can toss it on the bed for support under my knees while I sit and binge Netflix on my Fire tablet.

So soft and comfy, good support

I love it! You immediately feel relaxed the moment you put your feet up there, its just so soft and comfortable while helping you to maintain a better posture.The grippers at the bottom help it to not slip easily as well.Also, there's a really cute handle on the side to easily move it aroundOverall I'm very very happy with the purchase

Chris B.
I had to buy two...

Overall, I was expecting a lot out of this and it's actually more comfortable than I thought it would be. HOWEVER, the length is not wide enough, at least not for me. I could not naturally rest both feet on this without curving my legs inwards so I bought a second one. it is extremely comfortable when having two of them side by side.

Amazing and versatile piece for those implementing better ergonomic practices

I purchased this foot rest because I spend 10+ hours a day working on my computer (especially in light of the pandemic), and this product has done wonders for my back!Unlike the bulky and plastic foot rests, this one is very comfortable and takes up very little space.The cushion itself is incredibly sturdy and comfortable to position your feet on.The cover of the foot rest itself has a velvety-like feel to it that's removable to wash. Definitely thin, but it personally doesn't bother me.The rubber micro beads on the bottom works great to keep the foot rest static on carpet, wood, or tile floors (I have carpet and this bad boy is steady).I also use this foot rest for lumbar support when I'm reading or watching movies on my bed. The curvature of this cushion is perfect for your lower back when you place this against the wall (if your bed is against the wall like mine), and the rubber micro beads helps to keep the cushion in place without slippage.Incredibly happy with this!

Nina B
Very handy!

My daughter bought this for me. I work from home and didn't think it'd be "all that" - I absolutely LOVE IT! Very comfortable, nice way to prop up the feet while at my desk, and I even use it from time to time while sitting in my chair in the living room. Very well constructed, nice product - glad I have it!