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This actually works!!!

I was truly surprised this works. My fiance noticed I do not snore out of my nose when I wear this. I sleep with it on every night. I don't even notice I am wearing it because it sits comfortably in my nose.

Should have bought this sooner!

I don’t know why I didn’t buy this sooner! I’m in my third trimester of pregnancy and I’m sleeping better now that I did before. It takes half of our queen bed but my husband will just have to deal with it. I love how soft the fabric is and how you can unzip the cover to wash it. Also: my 4 year old niece LOVES it as well and cozies up inside of it to read and hang out. I think it perfect for all size individuals.

Music sleep mask

This mask is excellent. It was easy to hook up to Bluetooth. The music is clear and sounds great. You can adjust the volume to your liking. I charged it up for two hours right when I got it, and over the last five days, I haven't needed to charge it again. I use this mask for meditation and relaxation. If you plan on using it overnight with music, you will need to charge it sooner than what I have used it for. It tells you when an incoming call is coming in, and let's take it without any complications, which is a plus. The mask is thick and does not allow any light in. I noticed you need to wear more over the bridge of your nose to get the full blackout and no light coming in. I would highly recommend this sleep mask. I am a side sleeper and tested it out, and the mask stayed in place, and I still heard the music just fine. It is easy to turn on and off, and it tells you it is quiet when describing to you, though, but it does say power on or off. The light does show to let you know it is turned on or off as well. The band is adjustable. It fits nice and snug around your head. The charge station was easy to find on the left side of the mask inside the pocket. If you pull it out all the way, you will need to push it back in to have the power button in place where it should be to turn it on and off.

finally sleeping

I had shoulder surgery and was very uncomfortable sleeping until I started using this pillow. Best sleep in a long time.

Love this little machine!!!

Great purchase! This little machine puts out great sound. It has a soft matte rose gold frame. I like that it’s chargeable and I can in plug it and take it to another room if I want to. My son has actually been using it during his virtual schooling. I like that the from the white noise options- there are varying degrees/intensities. Can’t beat the price for the quality and design. I’m super happy with the purchase!

Great pillow for neck pain

I've used this pillow for two weeks and it has done wonders for my neck pain as a side sleeper. There's a perfect cradle for the head in the middle of the pillow.

Great neck pillow

This neck pillow is fantastic! So far I've used it when I drive long distances and when I'm relaxing in front of the TV. I plan to take it on my long flight to Cairo once the travel ban is lifted & am confident it will provide the neck support I need. Other neck pillows I've tried weren't that comfortable & didn't offer as much support. The carrying bag will make it easy to carry in a compact way.

No more neck pains!

I used to get neck pains when I was sleeping not to mention getting sweaty and no one likes that. Lol. But when I bought this pillow my pains and hotness and subsided. I've had the pillow for a few months now and it's still going strong. I would purchase this again as its good quality and not to mention it only took a few days in the mail!


My husband is a snorer, and for years I have slept with those foam earplugs that I had to cram down into my ear canals. Not only were they uncomfortable, but it can't possibly be good for your ears to shove something down into them. So, when I read reviews of good9sleep's earplugs, I was skeptical, but willing to try anything. What a nice surprise to find that just by mashing that little bit of silicone in the outer part of my ear opening, it would make such a difference. Some women complained that their hair gets caught in the silicone, and that's occasionally true, but I find it's a small price to pay to sleep peacefully and comfortably. I have small ear openings, and this makes a package last twice as long! I wear each pair for about a week before they get a bit grungy and need to be replaced. I highly recommend them to long suffering folks who have bed-mates that snore. They don't, of course, completely block all the noise, (I can still hear my alarm in the morning), but they certainly muffle it so much that it doesn't interfere with a good night's sleep. Thank you, Good9Sleep!

Great side sleeping pillow!!!

This is a great memory foam pillow! What I like about this is that it ships with this very soft and cool heather grey pillow cover. Now, this pillow cover looks like it's going to be so-so, but it's actually so so so so comfortable! It is lightweight and brings a slight cooling aspect to it because of that. This pillow doesn't have the cooling feeling that my other cooling pillows have, but they do have a much better give when you place your head down. I am a total side sleeper, and last night, this was on my head while I pushed the others to the side to test thing bad boy out. I don't know if I'd recommend this if I slept on my stomach or back, but side sleepers, for sure. You don't get that lay-flat pillow feeling that you get with those MyPillow pieces of garbage. It's also much lighter than the other two I listed. Due to that, I will be getting another one of these to take camping/hiking. Maybe 2 or 3 more, as my couch could use a couple more pillows! Pros:Quality memory foam, Lightweight, Comes with a soft, relaxing pillow slip with a tuckable zipper. Comes in all sizes (S to XL) Comfy Side sleeper + Cons: oesn't have the cooling effect that other memory foam pillows have, but does have a pillow slip that works similar to it.Comes in all sizes, but they appear to all be the same price. I got the XL and probably would only get the larger sizes unless the prices change; it'd be nice to get a couple of these in small or medium for my couch!


Now that I'm working from home, I've been steadily trying to upgrade my home desk space to something I can stand for 8+ hours at a time. I have a footrest at work, and that clunky plastic thing is fine for the office where I'm a) wearing shoes and b) don't have storage shelves underneath the desk. At home, my desk has a credenza behind it and I've been propping my bare feet on one of the shelves - too tall for much comfort - so I bought this. It's soft (yay for my bare feet!) but not so soft that it doesn't offer comfort. Resting the full weight of my size 10 feet on it doesn't push it down much at all, and I am not a delicate flower. It's wide enough that my feet are supported all the way from the ball of the foot to the start of my heel, and the cover doesn't feel too warm (in Southern California, we don't need any help warming up!) so my feet don't get sweaty. Bonus, it's light and portable so I can toss it on the bed for support under my knees while I sit and binge Netflix on my Fire tablet.

Good buy!

Good buy for the cost. It's very soft and true to color.

Fuzz™ Sherpa Faux Fur Soft Throw Blanket
Mary Jo Mcgovern
In love

Love this so much. I got pink pillows and pink blankets and the blue was the perfect touch it’s fluffy, was packaged very well like sealed shut. Came out nice. I use for decoration and photos I wouldn’t sleep with it but you can! I haven’t washed it I would probably not want to ruin it haha but I’m sure it’s possible to wash

No more snoring or morning congestion. Won't sleep without one now.

Highly recommend for all preamp women

Even on the first trimester of pregnancy, sleeping became not an easy thing. I used a bunch of pillows and comforter, until one of my girlfriends recommended this pillow to me, I had a first night of sleep with it and this is absolutely amazing! I woke up relaxed and happy. Even my husband said he wants one now lol

This is the second bluetooth sleep mask I have tried. I LOVE the contoured eye portion. It is so so so comfortable. The sound quality is good, and it is very easy to move around the headphone pieces to get them in place. But the sound cancelling quality isn't great. I can definitely still hear my husband snore.

High quality

It's pretty comfy. the quality of the pillow is high. The curve bone doesn't break even if you stand on it.

Very nice sound machine. Fits in the palm of your hand. I have used it every night and have fallen asleep much faster and was more rested in the morning. I also have used it when my grand daughter came to stay. It made her fall asleep easier and she slept all night. I like the size, found it very easy to travel with, and like the fact that you can use any micro usb cord to charge it if I forget my charger, in fact we ordered a second one for when my husband travels. Definitely worth the price, works well, doesn’t take up a lot of room on the nightstand, and is very portable.

The gel stays cool as well

LOOOVE THIS PILLOW!! It’s firm but still conforms to your head with a taller side and a short side for different comfort levels. The gel stays cool as well.I have always used a contour pillow and my husband always try’s to take it because he loves it more than the 8 other pillows on our bed, so I got one for him finally. Fast delivery and I’m happy with my purchase.

Works great!

I buy these earplugs because they block out the noise better than the older type foam ear plugs. They are quite comfortable. Also, you can get the pieces of putty and make them to fit the size of your ear. A big bonus as I'm petite and some ear plugs hurt my ears from being too large.

Perfect thickness. Very comfortable

My search for the prefect pillow is finally over. I am a back and side sleeper and I suffer from neck pain and most pillows are too thick or too firm or too mushy for me. This pillow contours to my neck and I sleep sound and wake up pain free.

So soft and comfy, good support

I love it! You immediately feel relaxed the moment you put your feet up there, its just so soft and comfortable while helping you to maintain a better posture.The grippers at the bottom help it to not slip easily as well.Also, there's a really cute handle on the side to easily move it aroundOverall I'm very very happy with the purchase

Super soft

These are exactly what we were looking for. Super soft, machine wash and dry, easy to care for and a gorgeous pop of color to tie in with the throw pillows. And our dog loves to lay on them too.

Fuzz™ Sherpa Faux Fur Soft Throw Blanket
I got it for the puppy, but I have taken it back ;)

I got it for the puppy, but I have taken it back ;) It is so fluffy and soft. I worry about washing, it seems a bit flimsy. For the price and the softness I am enjoying it as MY ( not the puppies ) blankie! ;) Yes, the puppy enjoys it too when she can get it away from me!

I was so skeptical about this product when my boyfriend told me he wants to try it. He has problem with snoring lasting for months. He immediately tried it the first night it came. He described: it holds very well and doesn’t hurt the nose. Probably a magnetic power holds it there but it’s not too strong to hurt but enough to stay there. I really and honestly declare he did not snore at all since then! I don’t understand how it works but he also confirmed he has much more space in his nose to breathe. It’s so cool and we both are very happy.