10 Shocking Sleep Facts You Didn’t Know

10 Shocking Sleep Facts You Didn’t Know

1. REM Sleep constitutes 20% of our total sleep time while the remaining 80% are non-REM sleep stages. 

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2. We dream 4-6 times per night but forget 95-99% of our dreams.

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3. 41% of adults prefer to sleep in the fetal position while only 8% sleep on their back, even though it’s the healthiest position.

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4. Falling asleep takes on average 10-15 minutes. If you pass out within a few minutes, it might mean you are sleep deprived.

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5. Lack of sleep costs the United States over $411 Billion annually, reported by Fortune Magazine.

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6. 40% of people aged 40 to 59 reported that they are getting less than recommended amounts of sleep.

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7. 3-5% of obesity in adults could be caused by a lack of sleep.

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8. The population of Hawaii has the shortest sleep duration (54%) while South Dakota has the highest (72%).

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9. 4-9% of middle-aged men and 2-4% of women suffer from sleep apnea.

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10. 9 Million Americans take prescription drugs to help them fall asleep.

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Make sure you make an effort to get a good night's rest everyday!


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