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Benefits of Using A Weighted Blanket

Benefits of Using A Weighted Blanket Benefits of Using A Weighted Blanket

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I've always loved big, heavy blankets and with the research behind their calming abilities, now I know why. I bought the 20 lb grey blanket and while it doesn't have the thick/fluff factor like a duvet, it has the comforting weight.

Testimonials by Christopher

I'm a terrible sleeper. Anxiety problems mixed with other issues means I never sleep through the night. After buying this weighted blanket, its actually help me sleep much better. Will recommend. The customer service is really friendly too!

Testimonials by Colleen

This's a really great site and the blanket is awesome! It arrived fast and ordering was really simple and easy considering how I'm a 50 year old man who doesn't do "internet." Love it, planning to buy one for my grandson as well.

Testimonials by Eric